Animal Heads

Trophies are a fun and imaginative way to decorate the children's room and can help create a magical and whimsical atmosphere. Gamcha's trophies are not only beautiful with their handmade designs but also support women in Nepal who produce these trophies with care and love.

Animal Head, Eagle
48,25 EUR
Animal Head, Swan
48,25 EUR

Trophies for the child room

Animal head trophies have long been a popular and timeless decoration for the children's room. Trophies are perfect for creating a unique and fun atmosphere in the children's room. An animal head trophy can serve as a fantastic focal point and add character and personality to the room. They come in a wide range of designs, from the majestic lion to the cute and elegant swan and the ferocious dinosaur. Whatever style or theme you have in the children's room, an animal head trophy can be the perfect addition to complete the look. Explore our extensive selection.