Bring the Hygge to your Child's room. Our handmade interior for children rooms is crafted with care by Nepalese women. We strive to create imaginative and beautiful designs of high quality. If you want to add a touch of magic and adventure to your child's room while supporting talented and creative women in Nepal, then our handmade interior products are the perfect choice.
Clown, Orange/Blue
20,00 EUR
Rug, Sheep
65,50 EUR
Rug, Wolf, Grey
65,50 EUR
Food, Bread
37,50 EUR
Food, Fruit
40,00 EUR
Food, Veggies
26,75 EUR
Rug, Fox, Orange
65,50 EUR
Stacking Tower
34,75 EUR
Clown, Blue/Mint
15,50 3,25 EUR
Egg Warmer
10,00 4,75 EUR
Chair Cushion, Pig
22,75 EUR
Instrument, Drum, Pink
14,75 6,50 EUR
Wall Sticker Height Chart, Farm
40,00 EUR
Wall Sticker Height Chart, Once Upon a Time
40,00 EUR
Wall Sticker Height Chart, Savanna
40,00 EUR
Wall Sticker Height Chart, To Travel is to Live
40,00 EUR

Gamchas Interior

Our products are made by talented Nepalese women who use traditional techniques to create unique and beautiful items. The products are crafted from wool and recycled polyester, giving them a natural and sustainable aesthetic that fits well in Danish homes. By purchasing our products, you not only create a unique and personal style in your child's room, but also contribute to supporting the work of Nepalese women. These women are skilled and creative, using their imagination and experience to create beautiful items. Each product is handmade, and no two are exactly alike.