Where it all started 

In 2009 I visited Nepal for the first time. I simply fell in love with the country and the people, and since then I have been visiting the country 1-2 times each year. Gamcha is a small village in Nepal where my family before the big earthquake owned an ecological driven guesthouse. My father and I became fascinated by the traditional handicrafts that crafters were making in their small workshops - and here the idea of Gamcha started. We wanted to share the beautiful work in Europe and in mean time support the Nepalese crafters. Shanti and Nirjala are two women who started a felt production in 2004 and in collaboration we started designing products fitting the European market. Europeans loved our idea which means that today more than 125 women are working making our designs with fair treatment and payment: We have the vision to help even more nepalese women to get a fair payed job and therewith independence which is rarely for women in Nepal.

Shanti and Nirjala has become my good friends and even though they live and work over 7000 km from Copenhagen, we have close contact and even talk on daily basis. With the growing felt production we've added organic cotton products to our collection with illustrative motifs that carry the same playful, imaginative aesthetic as the felt products. We have also added the softest cashmere products crafted in Nepal with beautiful handmade embroideries.

We are so happy to see that our mobiles and other products find new homes around the world.
In 2020 the first Gamcha baby boy was born and I can't wait for him to meet the wonderful people and to visit the land of Nepal.

Together we make a difference for the women in Nepal <3
- Ane Hansen

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