Sleep / Nursery

At Gamcha you'll find a wide range of organic textiles for the children's room, including bedding, crib bumpers, baskets, baby nests, cloth diapers, and much more. Our organic textiles are made of the softest cotton with hand-drawn motifs.
Bedding, Swans (Danish Size)
50,25 12,75 EUR
Baby Nest, Farmyard
79,75 24,00 EUR
Baby Nest, Square, Farmyard
79,75 34,75 EUR
Bib, Farmyard
12,00 EUR
Canopy, Farmyard
80,25 33,50 EUR
Changing Mat Sheet, Farmyard
24,00 12,00 EUR
Muslin Blanket, Farmyard
17,25 8,75 EUR
Nursing Bag, Beige
77,50 32,00 EUR
Play Mat, Farmyard
75,00 26,75 EUR
Quilted Baskets, Farmyard
34,75 13,25 EUR
Quilted Blanket, Farmyard
62,75 26,75 EUR
Snake Bumper, Farmyard
53,50 21,25 EUR
Toilet Bag, Farmyard
26,75 12,00 EUR
Wipe Cover, The Five Tales
17,25 6,50 EUR
Baby Nest, The Five Tales
79,75 24,00 EUR
Bib, The Five Tales
12,00 EUR
Canopy, The Five Tales
80,25 33,50 EUR
Nursing Bag, Dark Blue
77,50 32,00 EUR
Nursing Bag, Five Tales
77,50 32,00 EUR
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Cotton products

Our organic textiles are designed to create a cozy atmosphere in the children's room. We have a wide range of colors and patterns to suit every style and taste. The motifs on our bedding, crib bumpers, baskets, baby nests, and cloth diapers are hand-drawn and designed in Denmark. We are proud to offer organic textiles for the children's room that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. We believe it is our responsibility to take care of the planet for future generations, and by choosing organic products, we can all contribute to reducing our environmental impact.