Gamchas handmade garlands with delicate and whimsical motifs are a cozy way to add a unique decoration to any children's room. The beauty of our handmade garlands lies in the fact that they are created with care and creativity by Nepalese female artisans.
Garland, Hearts
20,00 EUR
Garland, Dinosaur
26,75 EUR
Garland, Ocean
22,75 EUR
Garland, Flowers
22,75 EUR
Garland, Swans
23,50 EUR
Garland, Farm
37,50 EUR
Garland, Safari
37,50 EUR
Garland, Pear
22,75 EUR
Garland, Woodland
40,00 EUR

Gamchas Garlands

Our handmade felt garlands are not just a decorative detail but also a way to add warmth and coziness to any children's room. Our garlands are carefully crafted by talented women from Nepal. They come in various designs, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your child's room. From simple clouds to cute farm animals and wild animals from the savannah, each garland brings a unique and fun atmosphere to the space. So whether you want to decorate the nursery or add a playful and colorful detail to your home, our felt garlands are a great choice. They will bring warmth, joy, and charm to any room while also supporting women in Nepal in creating a better future for themselves and their families.